EGL Dola Gold Superior Maize Flour

    EGL Dola Gold Maize flour is produced with fineness in colour and texture for making scrumptious traditional staples and nutritiously packed with tons of fiber for the whole family. It undergoes an intricate fortification process making it to be perfectly textured flour for the great, rich in vitamins, protein and fiber.

  • EGL Dola Home Baking Flour

    EGL Dola Home Baking Flour is fortified with Vitamins and Minerals perfectly refined from separating the fiber-rich brain from the rest of the grain for a strong and healthy family. It is ideal for the preparation of flawless Chapatis, round Mandazis, Cakes, Cookies, Biscuits, Pastries, Doughnuts, Bread, Sandwiches, Bread Rolls, and Bread Croutons. It is – “The Flour for the Great”.

    EGL Dola Premium Maize Flour

    Tasty and Nutritious flour for the great milled from the best finest maize with decent amounts of protein and fiber for the benefit of strength to the whole human immune system for a great future.

    Tetema Premium Maize Flour

    Produced with fineness in colour, texture and is soft to the pallette, Tetema Premium Maize flour undergoes a fortification process of refinement to acquire the best amount of protein and fiber for the benefit of strength to the whole family.